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ZAWERY is a brand with life taste. We are famous for providing the most popular styles of this season, which will lay the foundation for the soaring sales of our stores in 2021.

As a retail store in Ohio, we are the destination of fashion inspiration and discovery. We currently sell women’s clothes, and offline will also provide suggestions on clothing matching. At present, zawery only sells sweaters online, and new products will be launched every week.

Our mission

Our team brings you the most popular styles in the world day and night. We predict fashion trends before anyone else, and we launch more than 10 new products to our website every week! We listen to customers and always look for innovative ways to improve and deliver the most coveted styles. We cater to anyone who is interested in fashion. Regardless of body type, personal style, we are all designed to suit everyone.
Today, the mission of online zawery is still to enable customers everywhere to buy sweaters at reasonable prices.
“Other brands work hard, but zawery works hardest…”

Zawery story

Zawery was founded in 2020 and privately owned and operated by Blakely Japer, CEO. With keen vision, Blakely Japer has brought women’s sweaters and other clothing to the forefront of the affordable fashion industry. Blakely Japer said, “We help customers find their own style by understanding their needs, and ensure that we deliver what they need as soon as possible, so as to maintain the leading position in the fashion curve and competition.” Through these initial achievements, zawery’s success was born.

In 2022, we launched the online store of the brand, hoping that more people can buy satisfactory clothes in my store. We believe that fashion design is an optimistic career. In this spirit, we will continue to grow and provide more customers with new relevant shopping experiences and inspiring styles in more ways.


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